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Whittingham Asylum

History of Whittingham Asylum Whittingham Hospital, whose grounds adjoin the village of Goosnargh, became one of the largest mental hospitals in the country, and pioneered the use of electroencephalograms (EEGs). During its time it had its own church, farms, railway, telephone exchange, post office, reservoirs, gas works, brewery, orchestra, brass band, ballroom and butchers. In 1866, the three Lancashire "lunatic" asylums at Prestwich, Rainhill and Lancaster were deemed to be full and a new asylum was needed. The building of Whittingham Asylum began in 1869, originally to accommodate 1000[...]

Fish Curers

History of the Fish Curers Unfortunately trying to find any history on this place is not very easy. I will continue to research this place and add more information when or even if I find any. What I do know is that the building was a Fish Curing business, one part being for the offices & another for the curing of the fish. Now for those of us that do not know what fish curing is here is a very brief bit of information. "Fish Curing. Methods of curing fish by drying, salting, smoking, and pickling, or by combinations of these processes. Methods such as these have been employed since [...]
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