Stacie – Before and After


First of all let me say that Stacie the model and Nicci who did the make up and hair are both fantastic at what they do which made my life so much easier in the editing stage.

The editing process consisted of..

  1. Removing any blemishes in the skin.
  2. Smoothing the skin a little whilst trying not to loose all detail.
  3. Bring out the shadows and details in the eyes.
  4. Touch up the lipstick where needed.
  5. Bring out the detail in the hair using sharpness and enhancing the dark areas.
  6. Enhance the detail in the hat and gloves
  7. Finally I added a texture to the background and a small vignette.

The left image is straight from the camera and the the right image is the edited version. You can move the slider left or right to see a before and after comparison.

All comments or questions are very welcome.

Thanks for reading,

Alan Duggan

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