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The Guitarist Photo Shoot

The idea for the shoot came from a passing comment by my wife when she mentioned that Adam a young guitarist studying music at Leeds University may be interested in having a few photos taken, so, I decided to send Adam a message to see if he would be interested and within minutes Adam had replied saying he was. I meet up with Adam a few days later to talk over a few ideas I had been thinking about and also to see if he had anything he would like to try….

So, fast forward a week and it was 8:30 on the morning of the shoot. I had all the props ready so all I had to do now was setup the studio ready for Adam arriving.

Currently I have to commandeer the main room of the house for shoots, however, I am hoping to get a better solution some time in the very near future…. Fingers crossed.

Gear Used: Canon 50D with the Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 Lens and a Yongnuo 565EX flash with a Beauty Dish.
Backdrop: Seal Grey
Props: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Amplifier & Stool.
Editing Software: Photoshop & Lightroom

Alan Duggan Studio Shoot

Adam Portrait Shoot

Adam Portrait Shoot

Adam Portrait Shoot

Adam Portrait Shoot

Bit of a different feel here, just a relaxed smiling shot to break it up a little.

Adam Portrait Shoot

I always like to add a before and after shot so people can see the type of editing that has been done. You can move the slider left and right to see the differences.

Adam was fantastic and he did a great Job! It took a little time for us both to settle in and once we did I feel we managed to capture some really great images.

All comments or questions are very welcome.

Finally…. If you would like to contact me about a possible shoot idea then please, do not hesitate!

Thanks for reading,

Alan Duggan

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