Derelict Manor House ‘aka’ Katie’s House


Brief History of Katie’s House
Due to secrecy of this location I am afraid I cannot disclose any of the buildings history. This only happens on rare occasions and this is definitely one of them.

My Visit to the derelict manor house ‘aka’ Katie’s House
After a failed visit to a different location which was cut short by what I call a ‘WAH WAH’ alarm we decided to try our luck at the amazing manor house that is ‘Katie’s House’.

From the first time I read a report on this place it was added to the very top of my must see list and to finally get around to visiting was a great feeling.

After we entered the building and opened the door I was in awe, my eyes were meet with wood panels, paintings, solid wood tables, a red phone box, pianos an organ and even more…. this place is awesome!

I have to say a big thanks to my guide for the day, you know who you are!

Ok, Time for some photos… You can click any image for a larger view.

Please note I do not break in to any building to gain access. I use an access point that already exists or I leave, I am not a vandal.

Just a quick note to say that some of images do not even come close to showing this place in all its glory. One room was pitch dark and most of the others had very dim light, none the less I have done my best with the images and hope you like them.

So as I mentioned a little earlier when we opened the door we was in awe of the decor in the room, the following photo is the view I was greeted with.

Katies House Function Room

As you can see the room is decked out with dark wood panelling and furniture that soaked up most of the light that managed to make it’s way in through the dust covered window netting. Many paintings are hanging on the walls but unfortunately they and the walls are starting to show signs of damage from the damp.

Here is a closer shot of a few of the paintings. You can also see the damage from damp in this photo as well.

Katies House Function Room

Connected to this room just through the door that you can see in the above photo is another room with a small dance floor and even more paintings. This room is only about half the size of the other room.

Katies House Function Room Portraits

And again a closer shot of the paintings.

Katies House Function Room Portraits

Now this place has been documented under another name other than Katie’s House and that name is ‘Wacky Tacky Manor’, The reason for that is due to some of the lets say very crazy room decor… Give your eyes a rub as you are about to see some crazy colours!

Are you ready? Ok lets go…..

This room was in complete darkness so I had to light paint the room with my torch to get the following photo.

Katies House Blue Room

Crazy room right? Told you! One thing I did not do was check what was behind the doors. If I remember correctly from other images I have seen they may just be closets / store rooms.

So anyway as I said this whole place has some crazy decor, here is two more images from another colourful room.

Katies House Decor

And not to forget the ceiling!

Katies House Decor Ceiling

There was lots of rooms in this location all with their own quirky designs and colour schemes but for me the ones I have shown you are the ones that are in better condition. I am in no way saying that the other rooms are not worth seeing they are but for this blog I have picked the better rooms. More images of this location will be added to my flickr account over time which can be found here.

Now I have saved the best for last, well in my eyes anyway! The best part of this whole location for me had to be the main stairwell which is located in the centre of the building and connects you to the second floor rooms. The hallway was very compact and it did make it hard to try and get some good images. Luckily my fellow explorer had a 10-24mm wide angle lens with him that saved my day. Cheers for that mate.

This area was not as dark as some of the other areas on site but still could have been better. I just hope the images give you a feel of how awesome this stairway is.

Katies House Stairs

Katies House Stairs

The final image for this report is taken at the bottom of the stairs showing the piano and red phone box!

Katies House Stairs

More Images Available on Flickr
The images above are just a small selection of the images I have edited. I will be adding lots more photos of Katie’s House on my Flickr page which can be found here.

Final thoughts
After seeing reports on this place I am so glad that I managed to visit. The place has definitely started to lose the pristine look due to water damage but this is only minor and if dealt with now could be stopped getting any worse very easily.

None the less this is an awesome location that has a unique feel to it.

If you would like to purchase a print of any of the above photos or any photos on this website you can contact me via the email form on my contact page for more information.

Thanks for reading,

Alan Duggan

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